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Scotland is represented in various international Scrabble competitions.

Our representatives, their results and the qualifying criteria are given below.

More information about international Scrabble activities is available on the WESPA website

World Scrabble Championship    International Team Tournament    WESPA ratings   

You can phone the SSA on 0800 555 2266 or you can email the Secretary

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Peak ratings

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For players who fulfilled the necessary criteria, the peak ratings of 160 or above achieved in the periods 1 April to 31 July 2015 (Period 1), 1 August to 30 November 2015 (Period 2), and 1 December 2015 to 31 March 2016, together with the average peak, are shown below.

Name   Period 1 peak (games)     Period 2 peak (games)     Period 3 peak (games)     Average peak (games)  
Piotr Andronowski 184 (15) 188 (81) 193 (45) 188.3 (141)
Neil Scott 185 (36) 184 (44) 185 (28) 184.7 (108)
Allan Simmons 178 (52) 184 (63) 190 (44) 184 (159)
Chris Cummins 169 (52) 171 (60) 172 (55) 170.7 (167)
Ross Mackenzie 170 (49) 168 (116) 170 (87) 169.3 (252)
Simon Gillam 166 (99) 164 (46) 163 (55) 164.3 (200)
James Squires 162 (41) 163 (53) 167 (63) 164 (157)
Amy Byrne 160 (44) 164 (123) 163 (196) 162.3 (363)
Alan Sinclair 161 (28) 160 (26) 163 (19) 161.3 (73)
Wilma Warwick 161 (28) 159 (26) 157 (19) 159 (73)

These three periods will determine qualification for any individual or team event in 2016.

World Scrabble Championship

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The World Scrabble Championship (WSC) has been held every second year since 1991. In early events, Scotland was usually given one place in the UK allocation. Since the creation of the Scottish Scrabble Association in 2001, Scotland has had its own allocation: initially one place, but gradually increasing to five places for 2013 based on the players' performances.

The Scrabble event at the World Mind Sports Championship in November 2014 in London was open to all, so there was no country allocation of places. Scotland has five places at the WESPA Championship in November 2015.

WSC results are given below for Scottish representatives, and for other players who have resided in Scotland but represented another country (shown in brackets) at that event.

1991 London : no Scottish player
1993 New York : John Catto 16th
1995 London : Neil Scott 24th [ Allan Simmons (England) 25th ]
1997 Washington DC : no Scottish player
1999 Melbourne : Wilma Warwick 56th [ Helen Gipson (England) 49th, Owen Bondin (Malta) 54th ]
2001 Las Vegas : Alan Sinclair 78th [ Allan Simmons (England) 21st ]
2003 Kuala Lumpur : Paul Allan 9th [ Helen Gipson (England) 11th ]
2005 London : Paul Allan 12th, Allan Simmons 75th [ Philips Lukeman Owolabi (Nigeria) 9th, Helen Gipson (England) 29th ]
2007 Mumbai : Allan Simmons 40th, Paul Allan 42nd [ Helen Gipson (UK) 15th ]
2009 Johor Bahru : Helen Gipson 10th, Neil Scott 26th, Allan Simmons 62nd [ Paul Allan (England) 51st ]
2011 Warsaw : Helen Gipson 18th, Neil Scott 19th, Allan Simmons 30th, Simon Gillam 58th [ Paul Allan (England) 20th ]
2013 Prague : Neil Scott 36th, Piotr Andronowski (last chance qualifier) 52nd, Allan Simmons 53rd, Simon Gillam 78th, Philips Owolabi 82nd, Helen Gipson 96th [ Paul Allan (England) 25th ]
2014 SCT London (Open) : Piotr Andronowski 24th, Neil Scott 43rd, Ross Mackenzie 56th, Chris Cummins 82nd, Simon Gillam 84th [ Paul Allan (England) 16th ]
2015 WESPA Championship (Perth, Australia) : Neil Scott 23rd, James Squires 68th [ Paul Allan (England) 22nd ]

Qualifying Criteria for 2015

The qualifying year runs from 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015, and is split into three four-month periods; April to July, August to November and December to March. Your peak rating in each period will be recorded, and the players with the highest average peak will qualify for the team. If there is a tie, it will be split by most recent (third period) peak, then by highest peak. If a player declines their place, their invite goes to the next in line based on these criteria.

To qualify you must:

i) be a paid-up ABSP member for the full qualifying period (NB: this period covers two calendar years).

ii) EITHER meet the Scotland residency criteria which are:
 - be resident in Scotland for the whole of the qualifying year; and
 - have been resident in Great Britain (Scotland, England or Wales) for the preceding year.

OR have been born in Scotland or have at least one Scottish-born parent, and confirm to the SSA by the end of the first qualifying period (July 2014) that you wish to be considered for the Scottish team.

iii) play at least 25 ABSP rated games in each period, and at least 100 ABSP rated games (of which at least 40 in Scotland) throughout the qualifying year.

International Team Tournament

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Originally called the British Team Tournament, more commonly known as the Four Nations, it was played in the autumn of each year since 2004 between teams of four representing Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland (combined). The countries take turns to host, in that order. Scotland won the first two events, England the next five, and Ireland (combined) the eighth. Scottish total scores (out of 48 games), placings and team members are shown below.

2004: 32, 1st: Paul Allan, Allan Simmons, Neil Scott, Simon Gillam
2005: 32, 1st: Allan Simmons, Neil Scott, Paul Allan, Wilma Warwick
2006: 23, 2nd: Allan Simmons, Neil Scott, Wilma Warwick, Simon Gillam
2007: 25, 3rd: Helen Gipson, Wilma Warwick, Ross Mackenzie, Neil Scott
2008: 27, 2nd: Neil Scott, Allan Simmons, Helen Gipson, Ross Mackenzie
2009: 17, 4th: Allan Simmons, Helen Gipson, Amy Byrne, Neil Scott
2010: 29, 2nd: Allan Simmons, Neil Scott, Simon Gillam, Ross Mackenzie
2011: 23.5, 3rd: Neil Scott, Allan Simmons, Simon Gillam, Alan Sinclair

The tournament was expanded in 2012 to include teams from Malta and Israel, with 20 games per player. Scotland have won both events in this new format.

2012: 55, 1st: Helen Gipson, Neil Scott, Allan Simmons, Simon Gillam
2013: 51, 1st: Piotr Andronowski, Allan Simmons, Neil Scott, Simon Gillam

There was no event in 2014, due to the proximity of the Commonwealth Team Championship and the World Mind Sports Championship. The qualifying year for any 2015 team event runs from April to March.

Qualifying Criteria

For all years up to 2010, Scottish teams were selected based on ratings at end-August. From 2011, selection has been based on a peak rating system, similar to the Scottish WSC selection, but based on the average of peak ratings for four-month periods between August and July inclusive. Qualification requires at least 15 ABSP rated games in each four-month period, and at least 60 ABSP rated games (of which at least 30 in Scotland) throughout the qualifying year. Qualification is limited to those resident in Scotland for the whole of the qualifying year.

WESPA ratings

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Several changes to the methods for calculating WESPA International Ratings were made in May 2012 and backdated to 2004. Players recorded on the WESPA rating system as being from Scotland are listed below, with ratings at December 2014. The main list is limited to those with at least 50 games and who have been active in the past two years.

Main list : at least 50 games and active in the last two years
2098Paul Allan
1995Piotr Andronowski
1969Allan Simmons
1940Philips Lukeman Owolabi
1922Neil Scott
1900Helen Gipson
1780Ross Mackenzie
1709Simon Gillam
1576Raymond Tate
1542Amy Byrne
1472Tom Wilson
1391Jim Wilkie
1116Sylvia Swaney

Others with over 20 games (number of games in brackets)
(those who have over 50 games have not been active in the last two years)
1847Wilma Warwick (60)
1747James Squires (28)
1697Alan Sinclair (36)
1556Anne Ramsay (37)
1451Moya Dewar (39)
1425Chris Cummins (24)
1364Margaret Armstrong (56)
1303Sheena Wilson (33)
1192Colin Nicol (28)
1025Julie Tate (135)
741Martin Byrne (56)