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The latest news from the Scottish League and the Scottish Individual League and Knockout (SILK) is given below.

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The teams for the 2016 League were -

Bingoes : Tom Wilson, Christine McKenzie, Marion Keatings, Caroline Atkins

Dunedin : Simon Gillam, Ross Mackenzie, James Squires

Eagles : Margaret Harkness, Melanie Beaumont, Chris Cummins, Helga Farrow

Roc : Amy Byrne, Sylvia Swaney, Colin Nicol, Piotr Andronowski, Heather Laird

Scorpions : Mary Jones, Billy Dott, John Balloch, Moya Dewar

Waverley : Wilma Warwick, Alan Sinclair, Kenneth Ross

Final team positions -

Team  W     D     L    Points   W     D    L  

Final individual positions -

Name  W     D     L    Points 
Ross Mackenzie3301266
Chris Cummins3301266
James Squires3101462
Amy Byrne3001560
Alan Sinclair2801756
Simon Gillam2711755
Wilma Warwick2701854
Colin Nicol *2311847
Billy Dott *2211945
Christine McKenzie *2002140
Tom Wilson1912539
Marion Keatings1912539
Mary Jones *1702234
Kenneth Ross1602932
John Balloch *1502430
Sylvia Swaney *1212625
Melanie Beaumont *903018
Margaret Harkness903618
Moya Dewar *60912
Piotr Andronowski *3006
Heather Laird *1022
Caroline Atkins *1022
Helga Farrow *1052

* These players do not have a complete set of games


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SILK ran in 2016 with one northern and one central group.

The players were -

Central Group : Piotr Andronowski, Amy Byrne, Chris Cummins, Caroline Foy, Simon Gillam, Margaret Harkness, Stu Harkness,
Marion Keatings, Ross Mackenzie, Colin Nicol, Tom Wilson, Ricky Zinger

Northern Group : Niyi Adebayo, Margaret Armstrong, Gloria Garrett Schofield, Michael Harley, Phil Jones,
Kate Leckie, Sandy MacLeod, Peter Preston, Neil Scott, Nigel Sibbett

Results -

Central Group

  PA    AB    CC    CF    SG    MH    SH    MK    RM    CN    TW    RZ    Won  
Piotr Andronowski X332333 3233331/33
Amy Byrne 0X13011 2212013/33
Chris Cummins 02X3232 2222323/33
Caroline Foy 100X000 101115/33
Simon Gillam 0313X21 2211319/33
Margaret Harkness 02031X0 20222.514.5/33
Stu Harkness 021323X 1020216/33
Marion Keatings 0112112 X003213/33
Ross Mackenzie 1113133 3X22121/33
Colin Nicol 0212211 31X2116/33
Tom Wilson 0112213 011X315/33
Ricky Zinger 030200.51 1220X11.5/33

Piotr, Chris, Ross and Simon qualified for the final.

Northern Group

  NA    MA    GGS     MH    PJ    KL     SM    PP    NS     NS    Won  
Niyi Adebayo X23232 210318/27
Margaret Armstrong 1X1132 210213/27
Gloria Garrett Schofield 02X332 100213/27
Michael Harley 120X21 201110/27
Phil Jones 0001X0 12004/27
Kate Leckie 11123X 310012/27
Sandy MacLeod 112120 X0007/27
Peter Preston 223312 3X1219/27
Neil Scott 333233 32X325/27
Nigel Sibbett 011233 310X14/27

Neil and Peter qualified for the final, but Peter did not attend.

The final took place on October 22-23, and took the form of a triple round robin between the five finalists. Chris Cummins won the title. The final results were -

Chris Cummins8
Piotr Andronowski8
Neil Scott7
Ross Mackenzie5
Simon Gillam2