Glasgow Scrabble® Club

Venue : Renfield St. Stephen's Church, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JP (between the Elmbank Street and Holland Street junctions).

Transport : Just off the M8 between junctions 18 and 19, and near Charing Cross railway station.

Time : Wednesday evenings, 6.00 - 9.45, every week except during July and between Christmas and New Year.

Meetings : Typical attendance of between 6 and 12 players each evening. The club has one or two Scrabble sets but regular attendees are encouraged to bring their own equipment, particularly clocks.

Membership : The club has around 15 members, ranging from World Championship class to social players who do not attend tournaments, and all those in between.

Weekly cost : There is no annual or joining fee. Each player pays £4 per night they attend, except first-time visitors who get their first night free. Newcomers and visitors are welcomed. All newcomers are given a crib sheet of 2- and 3-letter words to refer to during play for their first few weeks. In time players are expected to play using timers and without the crib sheet to hand.

Teams : The club has a team in the Scottish Scrabble League, the Scorpions, plus three individuals who play in other teams.

External Tournaments : The club organises an annual 7-game one-day event, usually on the first or second Saturday in October, held in Motherwell. The club also occasionally hosts a second event in Motherwell in April.

Internal Club Competitions : Every game each club member plays in a season (August to June) counts towards the club championship, with the winner being that player who has the highest percentage of wins, subject to a minimum of 60 games. Alongside this is the May Mair Quaich competition, which uses a handicap system to equalise ability and even out any skewed distribution of opponents.

Disabled access : The main doors have push-button opening for those with restricted mobility. There is a wheelchair lift to the foyer and a main lift to access all floors adjacent to this.

2016 AGM minutes

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